Walking With the Wounded

With the support of family members, friends, and mental health professionals, those coping with depression can live a productive life.

But what does support look like? How does one build a support system? What role does each part play?

Join us in conversation with those who have walked with the wounded as they share insights from their experiences.

Ching Cheng is a senior clinical psychologist from Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and also a certified Emotion-Focused therapist. She works with people suffering from various mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and OCD. She supports people struggling with emotional difficulties by helping them become more aware of and have a better understanding of their emotions, thoughts and behaviors, create new meaning and perspectives, and learn more adaptive ways towards living a fulfilling life.

Susan is a full-time Peer Support Specialist. She has had her life “restarted” from cognitive and physical displacements numerous times in the past 15 years. With voraciousness to break out of this nefarious cycle, she has been re-igniting her passions, establishing her personal brand and recovery aids. Overcoming self-stigma and significantly benefitting from peer support programmes, she grows into an active advocate for mental health, earnestly promoting recovery and peer support.

Mak used to talk to computers and people until depression knocked the door down in 2017. Now he just talks to people about what it means to live with depression, in the hopes that more people will hurt less. And to that effect, he has just released a comic book Depressed Dave: Understanding Depression from the Inside Out. He lives with his wife, two boys and two guinea-pig daughters in a flat in sunny Singapore.

Phay Shing is Mak's wife. A homemaker since 2008, she started baking as a hobby in 2013 but it has since developed into a career. She is now a recipe blogger, homebaker, cookbook writer and chef instructor at a couple of baking studios. As Mak's wife and someone who spends the most time with him, she is his caregiver. Providing emotional support and watching out for his safety. Most of the time the support involves listening to him and just being around, taking care of our boys and the house, and taking care of herself so that he doesn't worry.

Soo-Inn, is the co-founder and chairman of Graceworks. He has been journeying with people—teaching, writing and mentoring—since 1985. Having gone through depression himself, he now gives talks on mental health issues and walks with those who are suffering. An author of numerous books, he was also one of the editors of Good News for Bruised Reeds – Mental Health & The Gospel Community (Graceworks, 2019).
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Sat Oct 24, 2020
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